Thursday, January 1, 2015

JANUARY 2015 ~ 1 / 31

                                  1-1-15 ~ White-breasted Nuthatch ~  [P1012437]
                                  JAN 2015 / Photo Fun / Mini #4 Upside down

1-7-2015 @1:09a ~ According to some Native American tribes, January is the month of the "Wolf" moon, so named because in midwinter the packs of wolves howled hungrily outside their villages.  Lesser known but equally appropriate names include Old Moon, Moon after the Yule, Ice Moon, Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Cold Moon, and the Moon of the Terrible (Sioux). The Lakota Sioux called it “The Moon of Frost in the Teepee”. The Cheyenne call it “The Hop and Stick Game Moon”. The Taos call it “The Man Moon”

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